Grow Your Money Book
by Slava Stepanov

7 seeds to a successful gardening business

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Slava will be doing a tour of the U.K. where he will give insight into the 7 seeds of success he has
learnt from his experience setting up and running his own business. 

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Slava Stepanov

Meet the Author

Slava Stepanov

Having started out in his career as a merchant naval officer, Slava has been privileged to travel the world meeting people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. From navigating the shores of Antarctica to sailing through pirate infested waters he has worked with royal families, politicians and celebrities. 

With a deep rooted knowledge of horticulture developed during his childhood summers spent with his grandparents on their dacha in Russia, Slava initially channeled his creative talents into becoming a gifted garden designer. He has brought together his life experiences and knowledge to build a successful gardening business and in his book he shares the key points he has implemented so you too can achieve the successful business you dream of.

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